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Meet the Team

Aden Benarroch (he/him)
Assistant Curator

Aden is the Assistant Curator at the Interpretive Centre where he develops research, plans programs and curates new and exciting exhibitions. Aden loves museums and brings a knowledge of the contemporary challenges museums face.

Aden received his Master of Museum Studies and law degrees from the University of Toronto. His thesis research developed an object-centred approach to democratize knowledge creation in museum spaces. The project asked community members to speak about an object connected to their cultural identities. Aden will bring this experience and commitment to the Interpretive Centre to foster community partnerships and build multivocal museum spaces.

Aden has previously worked at the The Image Centre as a guest curator where he developed an exhibition on a series of mug shot photographs from Massachusetts industrial schools from the 1920s-1940s. His work at Black Creek Pioneer Village as an Education Interpreter aims to find, and tell, the stories have been historically excluded from many living history museums.


He hopes to see and meet the Interpretive Centre’s communities through tours, programming and visits to the gallery spaces!

Aden Benarroch

+1 (416) 647-6622 ext 3801

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