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A line drawing in black of a Passenger Pigeon bird with wings outstretched in flight, used as the logo of the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre.
An artistic blue brick background with the exhibit title “The Aesthetics of Mental Health” designed in the negative space, used as the logo for the exhibit.

About the Exhibit Curator

Sam sits cross legged on a green chair, he is looking off into the distance with an expression (he hopes) looks intelligent and contemplative. He is wearing a green checkerboard button up shirt, black jeans, and brown boots with barely visible red maple leaf socks. The floor is a cement grey and the wall is white with smudges.

Samuel McGuire is a Toronto-based Curator and Artist. His work has been shown in the OCADU Ada Slaight gallery as well as Lonsdale Gallery in their Interiority exhibition. During his undergrad, he worked with Claire Brunet as a research assistant, aiding her development of an experimental VR artwork. 

After leaving school, McGuire worked as a Production Assistant for a VR and AR production studio: Occupied VR. An award-winning VR and AR studio that has collaborated with the likes of David Cronenberg, Rob Stewart, and VICE. At which his duties included writing project proposals, grant applications, 3D file repair, and attending trade shows to meet with potential collaborators.  In addition, he has produced and curated two pop-up art exhibitions.

The first show called Peace Mael showcased nine artists from across the GTA and garnered an attendance of 200 people. Peace Mael 2 took place on February 6th, 2020 at The Richmond. The event showcased work from artists Fezz Stenton, Jacqueline Mak, and Desiree Nechacov. 

McGuire is currently pursuing a Post Graduate Certificate at Humber College in Arts Administration and Cultural Management, and was the winter Exhibition Intern with the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre in 2021.

A Thank You message from Samuel McGuire

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the people that made this show possible. First of all I would like to thank Nadine Finlay and Jennifer Bazar from the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre for giving me the opportunity to put this show together. Your creative, practical, and historical input has been invaluable in the forming of the exhibition. A huge thanks is owed to Nick Duarte who designed and created all the graphics and posters for the show, you perfectly captured what I could not put into words.
In the early stages of the exhibition, we received a humbling and joyously overwhelming response from local, national, and international artists and makers. Thank you so much for all those who took the time to submit proposals. Furthermore, I want to thank the selected artists: it has truly been an honour to work with such amazing people who visualized and implemented a diverse range of aesthetics. The show would not be what it is without each of you.  

I would also like to offer my sincere gratitude to all my friends who let me rant and rave about this exhibition while it was in development, including: Lucia, Tyler, and my girlfriend, Jess. 

Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for giving me life, that was nice of them. 

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