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Goodyear Tire Plant

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In 1917, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company decided to locate its rapidly expanding Canadian tire division in New Toronto. New Toronto's industrial development made it possible for the company to meet the power, water, and labor requirements. Initially, the company built a factory on a 23-acre site on the north side of Lakeshore Blvd West between 9th and 13th Streets and became a part of the “community family” of New Toronto.  

Goodyear had manufactured tires and tubes, camel-back, air foam and Pliofilm at the New Toronto plantation. Over the years, Goodyear has demonstrated its leadership in the industrial family of the town as well as in the rubber industry of the nation.



The company hired more than 1300 employees and was known to be a supportive employer and showcased good corporate citizenship. The plant had its own cafeteria, hospital facilities, bowling alleys, police, internal newspaper and even its own baseball team. Aside from supporting its own employees, the company also encouraged its workers to participate in community events and also established the “Spirit Award” program in 1966 to recognize its workers.

In the 1980s, the financial crisis greatly affected the Goodyear Company that they decided to close the New Toronto site due to its lowest productivity level. The community, together with the 1300 employees were hugely distraught when the plant closed on May 31, 1987.



In 1988, Daniels Group acquired the property for a residential development of apartment buildings. The plant was demolished, and in 1992, the construction for a seven-building apartment complex called Lakeshore Village started. The townhouse condominium has continued to exist up to this present day.

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