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Tremblay’s Shoe Repair

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Tremblay's was the oldest commercial business in the New Toronto area. Wilfred Tremblay, originally from Timmins, Ontario opened a family-operated shoe repair business in October 1929. 

The first location was on the southeast corner of  Lakeshore and Fifth Street. It eventually moved into the east side of Fifth Street, North of Lakeshore. 

The business had fixed a number of New Torontonians shoes and had become a trademark in the community. Its customers varied from members of motorcycle gangs to famous Hockey players and other local sports legends. The store also carried antique items such as  a shoeshine chair, two Singer stitching machines from 1904 and 1907, a cash register, and a pendulum clock.

The business had been passed-down to Wilfred Tremblay’s son, and eventually to his grandson, Bruce Tremblay. Bruce Tremblay is also the last generation of leathersmiths of the family.  

After its 88 years of service and three generations of repairing shoes to New Toronto, Bruce Tremblay, due to old age, had decided to retire and closed its doors for good on August 5, 2017. 

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