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New Toronto  dates back to 1890 when the Mimico Real Estate Company registered the first plan for what would come to be recognized as an industrial centre of North America. Originally part of the Township of Etobicoke, New Toronto operated as an independent municipality from 1913 until 1967 before being amalgamated into the Borough of Etobicoke (today, the City of Toronto). Early in its history, New Toronto became known for its large factories and manufacturing plants which employed a large proportion of the local residents and contributed greatly to the nation’s economy. In a relatively short time, New Toronto was transformed from wide open farmer's fields into an industrial leader. Designed to be self-sufficient, the community balanced manufacturing plants alongside residential homes and retail spaces. Notable manufacturing companies produced leather, liquor, brass, and tires, and even soup.  

That was New Toronto THEN. How has New Toronto changed over the years? What is New Toronto like NOW?

A massive transition has been taking place in New Toronto since the late 1980s with a large number of the core factories closing or relocating. While some face demolition, many of the vast manufacturing buildings have been repurposed as schools, commercial buildings, or even residential homes.

This project explores how the industrial foundation of New Toronto has transformed over time by featuring , some of the factories and businesses that shapes the community.  

Take a journey back in time: compare images dating back to 1890 to more recent views, learn about our local history, and reminisce about the old days. You'll be amazed at just how much has changed - and how much is still the same. 

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