New Virtual Exhibit:

The Aesthetics of Mental Health 2021 Exh

The Aesthetics of Mental Health


April 26 to July 26, 2021


The exhibit showcases the artistic interpretations of the evolving standards of mental health care facilities as it relates to the patient experience. The artists have drawn inspiration from the history of institutionalized mental health care on the Lakeshore Grounds, and connected it to the evolving future of therapeutic design.


The exhibition is curated by Samuel McGuire, and features the works of Alex Da Costa Furtado, Carla Sierra Suarez, Carmina Miana, Rashmeet Kaur, and James McDowell.

All of our in-person exhibit spaces remain closed to visitors at this time due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

While we work remotely, we invite you to visit us virtually: we have a collection of digital exhibits and projects for you to explore additional resources are listed on our home page

Below you will find a list of projects we are working on for when we re-open. 


Interpretive Centre: Upcoming Exhibits

Metal gated fence stands infront of grassed area with trees. Sign above entry reads: "Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery 1890-1979"

Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery 


Date to be determined.


There are 1,511 individuals buried in the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery at the corner of Horner and Evans Avenues - a cemetery that was almost lost due to industrial development in the area. Thanks to the efforts of community mental health advocates, the Cemetery is today a protected and peaceful resting space with a gated entrance and historic signage. 

This exhibit will highlight the story of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital cemetery and the people who fought to save it. 


Third Floor Gallery: Upcoming Exhibits

Scratchboard of two foxes created by artist Lisa Compton

Lisa Compton


Date to be determined.


Experience another perspective on animals commonly thought to be dangerous or pestilential and develop a new understanding of the influence of urban expansion on local wildlife. Reflect on past assumptions, develop an appreciation for our natural neighbours, and learn how to safely cohabitate in our shared spaces.

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To see more of Lisa's work, visit her website

Painting of dark tree silhouettes against sky of pinks, oranges, and blues titled "Sunrise Titan" by artist Pat Rice

Pat Rice


Date to be determined.


Admire the wonder and intrinsic beauty of the trees of the Long Branch neighbourhood where artist Pat Rice grew up. A community that was once lakefront cottage country that could be reached in 45 minutes by steamer from Toronto, a few old growth oak trees still remain hidden in plain sight among the houses in the area. They give a hint to how this land had once been heavily forested.

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Propose an Exhibit

We feature solo and group art shows on the third floor of the Student Welcome and Resource Centre and also welcome contributions to our bi-annual exhibits in the Interpretive Centre's main space in WEL104. Themes must connect to one of our four pillars (Indigenous, mental health, education, or ecology) and/or highlight the local history of the Lakeshore Grounds region. Submissions are encouraged both from community members and students. We support artists of all experience levels. 

For more information about exhibition opportunities or to submit a proposal, please contact us at