Grounds for Leisure:

Call for Writers, Poets, and Musicians

Can a space contribute to the concept of leisure?

Can words and mood melodies help someone interact differently within a space?


How important is it to stop and smell the flowers?


Can the true experience of nature and building connections be achieved virtually?

The Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre is launching a new project, led by  Naomi Stokes, with the working title Grounds for Leisure. We are seeking original written and audio content for a new video series focused on exploring the calming forces inherent within our natural environment - remotely. The project will blend the creative writing, poetry, stories, and / or instrumental musical recordings of Humber students with video recordings of the natural environment of the Lakeshore Grounds, with an emphasis on areas within Colonel Samuel Smith Park.  


Project Lead Naomi Stokes is a student at Humber College, studying Art Administration and Cultural Management. Being unable to experience the in-person interaction or engage with the Humber campus has been one of the drawbacks of remote learning this year. Through this project, Naomi is creating an opportunity to make the natural environment of the campus accessible to the student community who are unable to access the space. 


As we near the 1-year mark of Ontario’s public health restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, our experience of parks and naturalized spaces has taken on a renewed and valued part of our day-to-day. To those who live at a distance from the campus, the natural experience of the Lakeshore campus is limited, if not non-existent.  The creation of a series of short videos of our natural environment embedded with the words and music of fellow students will serve as virtual explorations, providing stimulating visuals of the grounds. Nature is an opportunity to reflect, to meditate and to appreciate what we have and thus,  this video series will capture students’ connection and the natural appreciation of the Lakeshore Grounds through virtual engagement with its innate beauty.


Students who are creative writers, poets, storytellers, and instrumental musicians, are encouraged to submit their work. Two artists will be selected and compensated according to CARFAC’s 2021 rates. Their work, paired with video of the grounds, will be showcased on the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre’s YouTube channel, website, and social media pages. This project is limited to, but welcomes all students currently enrolled at Humber College to submit their work.  

Submission Requirements

  • Statement of Purpose (200-500 words). Provide a summary of your interest in the project, creative practice, and how you will relate your work t o the project. 


For written submissions: 

  • An original written piece, poem, or short story that highlights or responds to the natural environment of the Lakeshore Grounds. 

  • Inspiration: I wandered lonely as a cloud by William Woodsworth; Peace by Bessie Rayner Parkes; Pray to What Earth? by Henry David Thoreau

For instrumental music submissions: 

  • A 1-minute clip of your original music based on nature and meditation. 

  • Inspiration: Light of the moon by Tim Janis; Once in time by Tim Janis

To submit: 

  • Please title all submissions with your name and your preferred title for the piece. For example: "JohnDoe_The Sky."

  • Please email submissions and any questions to Naomi Stokes at Include "Grounds for Leisure" in the subject line of your email.

Deadline to apply is: March 5, 2021 


Show will premiere on YouTube in late spring 2021.

Key Words: Natural Beauty, Gratitude, Leisure, the Outside, Reflection, Lakeshore, Nature, Tranquil, Appreciation.