Secrets of an Ever Changing Landscape

Artists: Gary Blundell and Victoria Ward

In the fall of 2016, Gary Blundell and Victoria Ward of @hotspurstudio "took over" our Instragram account (@LakeshoreGrnds). During this time they posted a series of 24 images inspired by the history and changing landscape of the Lakeshore Grounds. The collection is now available in its entirety below.

Click on the thumbnails to view the images in full along with their accompanying text.


To view more of Gary Blundell and Victoria Ward's work, please visit

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Raking pills

Photo and cut out paper pills Initially the hospital’s intention was that patients could engage with nature through farming, orchard tending and water activities. When you read the stories from the 60’s and the 70’s you find that one of the only outdoor activities left was raking leaves. The biggest change in this period was the introduction of pharmaceuticals which brought many new side effects and challenges. As a result, patients spent less time outdoors.