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About the Project

About the Project

As we enter into the warmer months of spring, the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre invites you to participate in Our Community Rocks! Join us in collecting and painting a rock mosaic along Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive on the West side of Humber College’s C Cottage. 


The heart of Our Community Rocks is to spread kindness, celebrate community, and support the environment. The project embodies the popular trend of “kindness rocks,” which have popped up across our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic to encourage and support each other while we experience physical separation. Help us share kind words of encouragement and unique art creations to inspire and brighten the pathway as we await spring flowers! 


The Lakeshore Grounds host the intersection of many interests, including: education, mental health, Indigenous heritage, civic engagement, and environmental sustainability. Our Community Rocks will bring together these values through community engagement and collaboration, populating the area with painted rocks to create a space where community values can intersect and grow through creativity and social innovation.


The goal of the project is to foster the unique community found in South Etobicoke and the Lakeshore Grounds through collaborative creativity and a dedication to the spaces we share. The project will make use of environmentally friendly paints and tools to ensure the sustainability of the natural environment. 


Paint your rocks with a message or picture that demonstrates all the ways that our community rocks! These could be values such as nature, friendship, togetherness, hope, strength, or innovate your own to express what is important to you as a community member and what values you believe are important to the Lakeshore Grounds community. 


The painted rocks will be on display from May through June 2022 to demonstrate the creativity, kindness, and innovation our community holds. After the display is complete, rocks will be carried to the shore to restore and rebuild the shoreline, contributing to sustaining the natural and built environments we share. We welcome all ages, skills levels, and creativity to contribute to the community mosaic project. 


Together we create; build; restore.

Online Exhibition

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Stay Connected

Visit the project as it grows by following on social media, checking out the gallery, or in person along Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive on the West side of Humber College’s C Cottage. , en route to the Park! 

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