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This Old Tree

Pat Rice

Third Floor Gallery: June 20 - September 17, 2022

Long Branch is home to many large trees, some well over a hundred years old. Throughout that time, the urban forest witnessed a changing landscape, influenced by the people drawn to the lake shore. A constant are the flora that define the neighbourhood; silent witnesses to the changing landscapes over time.

The generations of trees and surrounding natural environments of the neighbourhood are the inspiration for this exhibition. Interspersed in the forest of paintings are iconic features of Long Branch.


The trees were here long before we were here, and I hope this show helps to celebrate their longevity, grandeur, and beauty.

Portrait of Artist Pat Rice with long white beard, glasses, and a black toque

Pat Rice, Portrait

Visit the exhibition in the Third Floor Gallery at 2 Colonel Samuel Smith Part Drive, Etobicoke ON.


Third Floor Gallery

Monday to Friday

7:00 AM to 6:00 PM


7:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Explore more of Pat's work online through "This Old Tree" with original artworks and score by Pat Rice.

The song “This Old Tree” was written about a large 250 year old red oak in my yard. The paintings in this video (with the exception of the last two) are from the Long Branch area of Toronto.  I made the paintings to show the wonder and intrinsic beauty of the historic neighbourhood where I grew up. This community was once lakefront cottage country that could be reached in 45 minutes by steamer from Toronto. A few old growth oak trees still remain hidden in plain sight among the houses in the area. They give a hint to how this land had once been heavily forested.

I have also included paintings of the nearby armoury, once a hub of activity where firearms were produced for the war effort. The armoury has long since ceased operations and is now a deserted area that has been reclaimed by nature. The once busy Long Branch rife range is covered in heavy vines. Nowadays the Waterfront Trail winds through this haunting site.

- Pat

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