New Toronto  was established and recognized as the industrial centre of North America. It was originally a part of the Township of Etobicoke. It became an independent municipality in 1913 until 1967. During this time, New Toronto was known for its large and remarkable factories providing massive occupations to the community and contributing greatly to the nation’s economy. By transforming itself from an empty land into an industrial town, New Toronto became a municipality full of countless opportunities and careers not only for its own township but also to its neighboring municipalities. It was a fully independent and self-sufficient manufacturing town which also includes an area for its residence and for retail spaces. New Toronto at that time was full of notable manufacturing companies that varied from the production of leader, liquor, brass, and tire plant to the production soup factory.  



That was New Toronto THEN. How has New Toronto changed over the years? How is New Toronto NOW?


Evolving together with the demands of the present time, the factories had started to close one after another and transferred to another location. The vast manufacturing buildings were turned into other institutions such as schools, commercial buildings, and residential homes.

This page will outline how New Toronto has transformed over the passing of time, featuring the factories that made up the renowned industrial town of New Toronto, and also highlighting some of the town’s notable businesses that existed as early as 1890.  


Take yourself back in the days of this manufacturing community. Compare images from as far back as 1911 the more recent ones. Reminisce the old days or discover how this municipality used to be. Learn how this great neighborhood used to look back in the days and realize how far it changed or how it stays the same. 

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Anaconda American Brass Limited
Bell Telephone Building
Campbell Soup Company
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Capitol Theatre
Continental Can Company of Canada Ltd.
Danforth Wine
Donnell and Mudge Tanners
DW Hunter Wilson Drug Store
Fred J Hicks Hardware
Goodyear Tire Plant
Interior Wood Decorating Company
John Sheane's Hotel
Loblaw Groceterias
Boxer Building
New Toronto Hotel
Mel-O-Ripe Bananas
Simpson Motors
Tremblay's Shoe Repair
W&A Gilbey's Distillery
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W&A Gilbey Distillery

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