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Experiment in Colour

by Sarah Lefresne

May 11, - August 10, 2019

Experiment in Colour - Sarah Lefresne.JPG

About the Exhibit

Artist Sarah Lefresne began her Experiement in Colour with an interest in the variety of plant life in Colonel Samuel Smith Park.

After scouring the long lists of tables in the 2014 "Terrestrial Biological Inventory and Assessment" published by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), she found herself drawn to particular plants which she subconsciously categorized by colour. Her research blossomed into the collection featured in this exhibition.

A graduate of Humber College's Visual and Digital Arts program, Sarah typically paints with oils, but also experiments with other mediums. She tends to favour heavier baroque styles in dark earth tones, with shades of burnt sienna, autumn browns, and pumpkin being characteristic of her work. For this show, the hues of the park drew her to trial a lighter syle and more vibrant palette inspired by the colours of spring.

Interpretive Centre team:

Jennifer Bazar, Curator
Nadine Finlay, Assistant Curator

The Exhibition

Experiment in Colour - Sarah Lefresne
Exhibit launch, 2019
Lefresne, 2019
Lefresne, 2019
Lefresne, 2019
Lefresne, 2019
Lefresne, 2019
Lefresne - in progress
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