What's On

All of our in-person exhibition spaces remain closed to visitors at this time due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

While we work remotely, we invite you to visit us virtually: we have a collection of digital exhibits and projects for you to explore additional resources are listed on our home page

Below you will find a list of projects we are working on for when we re-open. 

Interpretive Centre
1953, John Sheene's Hotel

History of the Fashion Institute


Coming March 2022



Discover the long and complicated history of the Fashion Institute - better known as the old Almont Hotel. The storied tale moves through prohibition era in Ontario, including bar fights, legal issues, "blind pigs," and possibly connections to an underground alcohol smuggling ring!

Third Floor Gallery
Postcard, Scene and Unseen

Scene & Unseen

Online: January 26, 2022

In-person: March 2022


What stories do historical images reveal, and what others do they conceal? Postcards can simultaneously capture memories of a place while obscuring the lived realities of those whose stories are deeply connected with the image. 

The exhibition, presented in both in-person and virtual formats, will include recently acquired artefacts that are being displayed in public for the first time.