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The cottages and cricket pitch in summer

The Interpretive Centre

Through arts, culture, and storytelling, the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre aims to interpret the natural and built heritage of the Lakeshore Grounds and to engage the surrounding community through exhibitions and cultural programming. We focus primarily on themes of education, mental health, Indigenous Heritage, environmental sustainability, and civic engagement.

We are operated by Humber College, under the Office of the Principal, Lakeshore campus and the Faculty of Social and Community Services.


Read more about us in our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.

Our Logo Story

A unique symbol of the area, the Passenger Pigeon connects perspectives and stories of the area and embodies the human/nature interaction and symbolizes possibility of redress through knowledge of our histories.


The echoes of Passenger Pigeon wing beats that once filled the Lakeshore Grounds have long been silenced by the passage of time, but the legacy of the bird continues as a symbol of the relationship between people and the natural environment in complex and multifaceted ways.

Interpretive Centre Logo, an artistic interpretation of a Passenger Pigeon in Flight.

Meet the Team

Current Advisory Board Members

Wanda Boute

Dean, Education Training Solutions

Quazance Boissoneau

Manager, Indigenous Education and Engagement.

Anne Frost

Arts Manager and Program Coordinator Arts Administration & Cultural Management, Faculty of Media and Creative Arts.

Anne Zbitnew

Professor, Media Foundations, Faculty of Media and Creative Arts

Nicole Calderon

Faculty of Social and Community Services Students, Addictions and Mental Health Postgraduate Certificate, 2022-2023 academic year.

Stephen Douglas

Community member, Registered Psychotherapist

Phillip Goodchild

Community member and Interpretive Centre Intern (2019-20)

Suzy Broderick

Acting Community Cultural Coordinator, City of Toronto

Economic Development & Culture, Arts Services

Sharon Kawabata

Community member, artist, and long-time volunteer with the Interpretive Centre

Jem Cain

Community member, and long-time volunteer with the Interpretive Centre

Terry Smith

FOSS representative, and Community Member

The Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre Advisory Board is working to respond directly to the ongoing systemic racism that is inherent in the arts and culture sector by actively creating spaces for BIPOC representation at the leadership level. We are strongly committed to leadership opportunities that reflect the diversity of our students, our communities, and our city. We believe that diversity makes us stronger.


This is a volunteer position. No experience is required. Download the full description by clicking the icon.

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