Guided Tours

Our tour offerings are temporarily on hold while we work remotely. We will share the new schedule as soon as we're back on site again.

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Group Bookings

We are accepting tentative group tour bookings for the fall - these will be dependent on evolving public health recommendations. Tours are offered free of charge from Monday to Friday during standard business hours.

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Remember to indicate date preferences, the size of your group, age of participants, and tour / topic of interest. Please also include any special requests re: tour duration, accessibility, and content focus.  

Tunnel Tours

Learn about the history of the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital as we explore the patient-built underground tunnels and nineteenth-century cottages. Tour presents an overview of the 89-years of the Hospital's history, acknowledges the varied experiences of patients and staff across different decades, and traces major treatment changes across time. Tour concludes with an optional entry into one of the un-renovated attics above the cottages.

Tour duration: 1.25-1.5 hours

Tunnels and grounds are mobility accessible; attic requires steep set of stairs.

Woman points to stone wall as group looks on during a Tunnel Tour
Underground tunnel with discoloured cement walls, white pipes along ceiling, and Exit sign in foreground
Woman with brown hair stands infront of a group of 7 people on tour in the tunnels underneath the Lakeshore campus

Park History Tours

This walking tour through Colonel Samuel Smith Park traces the many histories that are located along the shoreline of the Lakeshore Grounds. We discuss the traditional lands of the Ojibwe Anishinabe, the military tract of Colonel Samuel Smith, the boundary of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, the expansion of the grounds into Lake Ontario, and the creation of Colonel Samuel Smith Park.

Tour duration: 1 hour

Park paths are a mixed of paved and hard-packed surfaces that are mobility accessible.

Metal pillars representing locations along the Migration Route of the Anishinaabe stand along a cement walking path
Sidewalk lined by trees with green leaves
Brown ducks stand and sit along stones that line the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Colonel Samuel Smith Park

Film History Tours

The Lakeshore Grounds have served as a popular filming location for movies, television shows, and commercials since 1977. Step behind the scenes of your favourite productions as we highlight the locations and stories of these productions. Tour route includes the oldest section of the underground tunnels.

Tour duration: 1 hour

Tunnels and grounds are mobility accessible.

Woman stands in opening of doorway along an underground tunnel infront of a group of people during a tour
Woman stands on steps of a brick and stone building in front of a group looking up at the building as a tour is delivered
Woman with brown hair stands on steps at entry to a brick building with a group in front of her as part of a walking tour