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Blue Monkey (1987)


Directed by William Fruet

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Blue Monkey was a Canadian horror movie which featured several scenes filmed on the Lakeshore Grounds.

Filming on the Lakeshore Grounds

Blue Monkey 1.jpg
Blue Monkey 2.jpg
Blue Monkey 5.jpg

Throughout the film, Humber College's  G building stands in as a hospital where a mysterious insect has escaped and is terrorizing the patients and staff.

Filming in the Superintendent's Residence

Blue Monkey 8.jpg
Blue Monkey 3.jpg

The former Residence of the Superintendent of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, Cumberland House, -  today home to the Jean Tweed Centre -  stands in for the home of the scientist who is called in to help find the insect before it procreates and spreads a deadly infection it is carrying.

Filming in the Tunnels

Blue Monkey 7.jpg

 The tunnels underneath the cottages of the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital are explored as the search for the escaped insect is conducted. 

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