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Happy Hell Night (1992)


Directed by Brian Owens

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Happy Hell Night is a slasher horror film in which Humber College's Lakeshore Campus serves as both the fictional Winfield College Campus as well as a state hospital.

The Lakeshore Grounds as Winfield College

Happy Hell Night - H and G.png
Happy Hell Night - steps of G.png

Early on in Happy Hell Night, Humber's H and G Cottages stand in for the Winfield College Campus.

Cricket Pitch?

Happy Hell Night - cricket pitch.png

The two actors in the featured still can be seen walking in a treed area that looks similar to the Cricket Pitch, located south of the Lakeshore Campus cottage buildings. The specific location however is unconfirmed.

The Lakeshore Grounds as a State Asylum

Happy Hell Night - south cottage.png

Although G and H Cottages along the East side of campus served as a College in Happy Hell Night, the Cottages to the South of Lakeshore Campus stood in as the films' State Asylum.

Tunnels - But Not Our Tunnels!

Happy Hell Night - not our tunnels.png

It should be noted that while the movie features underground tunnels below the Asylum, these are not the same tunnels as the ones found under the Lakeshore Campus.

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