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Meet the Team

Nadine Finlay (she/her)
Curator and Academic Manager of the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre

Nadine is a seasoned cultural heritage and education professional with a diverse educational background and a wealth of experience in the field. She holds the role of Curator and Academic Program Manager at the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre, where her expertise is instrumental in working with the College and stakeholder communities to steward the land and local history. 


She holds a Master of Museum Studies and a Master of Information with a specialization in Archives and Records Management from the University of Toronto, along with certificates in Arts Administration and Cultural Management, and Culturally Inclusive Education from Humber College. She also holds an Honours Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature and Anthropology from Western University.


As leader for the Interpretive Centre, Nadine is entrusted with the vital responsibility of researching, preserving, and sharing the natural and built heritage of the Lakeshore Grounds region. Employing a variety of interpretive methods and educational initiatives, Nadine plays a pivotal role in sharing the rich local heritage and its enduring influence on the social and cultural fabric of the area with the Humber and local communities. With a comprehensive skill set encompassing historical research methodologies, contemporary museum and gallery best practices, adept administration, financial and logistical planning, and a profound understanding of academic engagement, Nadine brings local heritage to life, fostering deeper integration with curriculum and community engagement.

Nadine Finlay, 2023

+1 (416) 570-8354

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