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Exploring South Etobicoke’s hidden stories through Postcards

Without social Media, how would you visually collect your memories and share them with others? 

These two examples of “Lake Shore Road and Long Branch Car, Toronto, Canada” were never posted, but were collectors items.


The picturesque image of Toronto’s iconic streetcar on the Lake Shore Road caught the attention of their collectors, who added their own notes on the reverse side.

In contrast to the posted cards, collected postcards were sought after for their imagery, connecting the owner to a place they lived, visited, or admired. Postcards can help capture a moment or experience in time, and whether they are collected for personal connections or historical interest, these seemingly simple cards also communicate as visual markers of someone’s life.


Curated by:
Nadine Finlay
Sarah LeFresne

Virtual Exhibition Curated by:
Nadia Tagoe


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