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Exploring South Etobicoke’s hidden stories through Postcards

Pause and reflect on the addresses of these now absent landmarks that defined the Lakeshore Grounds at various points in our history. Preserved through these artefacts as snapshots in time are both the stories we tell and the stories that are hidden. 

A low rise building shaded by trees on a sunny day
A red brick cottage building
A peaceful image of a lakeshore and surrounding foliage on a cloudy day
A brown metal sculpture consisting of bent pillars surrounding a bench
A tree with white flowers in front of the side of a red brick cottage building

As the landscape of the Lakeshore Grounds continues to evolve, consider how you will remember this space, and what could be left unseen with the passage of time.

With thanks to Jennifer Bazar, Tyler Andrews, and Vana Chainani for research support in the early stages of this project.


Curated by:
Nadine Finlay
Sarah LeFresne

Virtual Exhibition Curated by:
Nadia Hayford


Humber Lakeshore Campus is currently closed to visitors.

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