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This is Garbage

By Sandra Van Ruymbeke

& Constant Van Ruymbeke

November 14, - February 22, 2020

GL_CROWN, 2019

About the Exhibit

The exhibition featured works created by Sandra Van Ruymbeke and Constant Van Ruymbeke. Items found along the shoreline of Lake Ontario have been transformed into things of aesthetic value. Using gold leafing technique, garbage becomes invested with curious importance. The artists employ the hyper-visibility of photography to reframe garbage, encouraging the viewer to investigate the detailed information. Two contemporary commercial tools - a light box and posters - have been selected to showcase and illuminate, destabilizing culturally constructed notions of waste. The participatory art installation, black and white imprints of garbage piles from a city dump, encourages the viewers to connect with this discarded material by colouring between lines.

These artworks raise the question - Is this garbage or something else?
By using painterly lines and aesthetics, the artists aim to create a new space to consider and relate to garbage.

Interpretive Centre team:

Jennifer Bazar, Curator
Nadine Finlay, Assistant Curator

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