Bell Telephone Building

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Since 1926, the building was owned by The Bell Telephone Company of Canada. The company provided telephone service to New Toronto after its separation from Etobicoke and became an independent municipality in 1913. 

During that time, the telephone has been an essential way of communicating and linking people from coast to coast and as well as to other countries. Its scope of service was a breakthrough to the oral communication of the whole country including the municipality of New Toronto.

The Bell Telephone company retained the property until 1981. After 1981, it was purchased by Canada Firegard Inc. The company remodeled the interior of the building and transformed it for commercial purpose. Each floor was divided into small offices with a main hallway.

In 1982, the building was purchased by Wyllie & Ufnal Ltd. Engineers.

Today, presently identified as Birmingham Business Centre, houses offices for several different small businesses.