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Exhibition Guide


Welcome to Bottled Up: The Secrets of Prohibition Etobicoke! Whether you are coming here from our exhibition QR Code, or just visiting our website, we invite you to learn more about Etobicoke's prohibition era secrets by engaging with our interactive flip book below. 

To interact with the flip book, click on the edge of the pages to navigate either forwards or backwards. Click the magnifying glass icon to zoom into pages or the box icon to enter into full screen. To turn off the page sound effects, select or de-select the speaker icon.

About the Exhibition


The corner of Kipling and Lake Shore Boulevard has been a central hub for the community as a hotel for the majority of its history. Explore the storied tale of prohibition era Ontario and how it influences New Toronto -  including bar fights, legal issues, "blind pigs," and an obscure connection to an underground alcohol smuggling ring! Be transported back in time to the late 1800’s to discover some of New Toronto’s worst kept secrets. 

​Curatorial team:

Nadine Finlay, Curator
Geneva Gillis, Assistant Curator

Nadia Tagoe, Curatorial Intern

Katherine McNabb, Digital Communications Intern

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