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Online Exhibitions 

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History-in-Action Projects

The Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre is continually researching the histories that share the Lakeshore Grounds; this research informs all of our exhibits and events. The History-in-Action Projects aim to capture this process as it unfolds. 

Historic image of man in suit standing on a bridge infront of a large brick building on the grounds of the Mimico Asylum

The Hospital History Project

The Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital operated on the grounds for 89 years. When it closed in 1979, the majority of its records were lost. 


Follow as our team works to rebuilt the lost archives of the Hospital. 



Static image from a scene in the movie Phobia showing group of people surrounding a blue car

The Film History Project

The Lakeshore Grounds have been a popular destination for the film industry since the 1970s - and production crews are still regularly seen on the grounds to this day. 

Explore the list of movies and TV shows that have made the Lakeshore Grounds their backdrop. A continually growing list. 



Community Rocks Project Website Banner (2).png

Our Community Rocks Mosaic

Virtual exhibition curated by Geneva Gillis,

showcasing rock paintings created by community members. 

Our incredible community members have contributed to the rock mosaic, coming together and sharing their artistic creations. Many beautiful and meaningful contributions have been made to the mosaic that have inspired communal interaction and fostered connectivity through the modest medium of rocks, brushes, and a little bit of paint.


The Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre Team documented these contributions as the mosaic has grown and have dedicated an online exhibition to better showcase how our community rocks. 



Postcard, Scene and Unseen

Scene and Unseen​

Virtual exhibition curated by Nadia Tagoe,

In celebration of the Interpretive Centre's Fifth Anniversary.

What narratives have been carefully preserved by history, and what others have been erased? Postcards were once an incredibly convenient means of sending messages and capturing a memory of a landmark in time. Scene and Unseen invites you to bring to life the world behind postcards sent and collected in South Etobicoke, on display for the first time.


This exhibition was made possible by the contributions and creativity of Sarah LeFresne, Jennifer Bazar, and Tyler Andrews.



The Aesthetics of Mental Health Exhibit Poster

The Aesthetics of Mental Health

Exhibit Curated by: Samuel McGuire

The exhibition brings together multi-disciplinary artists who explore the individual experience within the larger institutional space, with recognizable items inscribed with new meaning. The shoe explores the topic of mental health, representations of the diversity of the individual experience, and the relationship between physicality and intangible feelings and experiences. 


This exhibition was inspired by the grounds of the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital and the picturesque environment surrounding it that still resonate today. 



Words "Then-and-Now New Toronto" against a white background

Then-and-Now New Toronto

Curated by: Sheriza Anne de Guzman

Then-and-Now New Toronto explores how the industrial foundation of New Toronto has transformed over time by featuring some of the factories and businesses that shaped the community.


Take a journey back in time: compare images dating back to 1890 to more recent views, learn about our local history, and reminisce about the old days. You'll be amazed at just how much has changed - and how much is still the same. 



Drawing of a cement pillar, a brick pillar, a waterfall, a set of lights on a stand, and a tree with the words "CHIME Digital Exhibits" above

CHIME Digital Exhibits

Curated by: Leila Talei, Heather Conyers, Nadine Finlay, Maya Modzynski, Hillary Weppler, and Jennifer Norman.

CHIME Digital Exhibits is a unique five part exhibition covering over 300 years of the history of the Lakeshore Grounds. Created by a collective of postgraduate students in Humber College's Arts Administration and Cultural Management program, the exhibition features a close up look at: the Lakeshore Teachers' College, the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, Indigenous peoples' trading routes, Movies and television filmed on location, and the Ecology of Colonel Samuel Smith Park - all coming together to form the acronym CHIME. Many of the featured photos, maps, drawings, and other materials are exhibited together for the very first time.


Pastel drawing of underground tunnels beside photograph of woman standing in the tunnels taking a photo created by artists Gary Blundell and Victoria Ward

Secrets of an Ever-changing Landscape


Curated by: Jennifer Bazar 

Featuring the artwork of: Gary Blundell and Victoria Ward

In the fall of 2016, Gary Blundell and Victoria Ward of @hotspurstudio "took over" our Instagram account (@LakeshoreGrnds). During this time they posted a series of 24 images inspired by the history and changing landscape of the Lakeshore Grounds.


Myseum Intersections Festival Online Exhibits

Logo for Myseum of Toronto

The four exhibits that appear below were created as part of the First Annual Myseum Intersections Festival in March 2016. To view the exhibits, click on the thumbnails below.

Myseum of Toronto is a a non-profit organization led by a group of private citizens committed to telling the story of Toronto’s natural spaces, cultures, history, archaeology, and architecture. Through collaborative programming experiences, Myseum’s objective is to foster a greater appreciation of our city. Using Toronto as the exhibit, Myseum is not one place, it’s every place. Myseum programs are co-created by present and former Torontonians from across the GTA and around the world. 

For more information about Myseum Intersections, visit

Man in regalia dancing
Sketch of cottage renovations
Yellow warbler bird on branch
Early image of Administration building of Mimico Asylum with gardens in foreground

Our Aboriginal


Curated by Ala Asadchaya

with guidance

from Shelley Charles

Featuring the photography of Jeremy Sale


Transformation of the Cottages

Curated by Tara Mazurk


​Images courtesy of

Taylor Hazell Architects


Wings of the Lakeshore

Curated by Ala Asadchaya

Featuring the photography of Bob Hawkins and

Sandra C. Hawkins


Snapshots of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital


Curated by Tara Mazurk


Images courtesy of the CAMH Archives


Close-up of embroidered word "Mother" on cloth

Visualizing Absence

Curated by Anne Zbitnew

Featuring the artwork of: Anne Zbitnew, Ala Asadchaya, Alison Brenzil, Dave Clark, Stas Guzar, Susan Mentis, Lucy Parker, and Hannah Zbitnew

Visualizing Absence: Memorializing the histories of the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital grounds was a collaborative arts-based research response to archival images, patient records, and hidden and lost stories and memories that constitute Humber College’s historic Lakeshore Grounds. The original exhibit was held in the L Space Gallery at Humber College from May 22 to July 3, 2015. 



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