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Campbell Soup Company

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Campbell Soup Company began its production at New Toronto plant in 1931. But before the company took over the land and built its factory, it was actually a site that housed the hydro pole yard. 

The 87-year old manufacturing company has brought a large number of jobs to the community and also a lovely smell of cooking-soup to its neighbors. Since its production, the company had continued to be successful and be the best in its field, and had substantially expanded and increased its production facilities.  

The company was also known in the 1950s for taking care of its employees by providing a cafeteria and medical facilities within the plant. Medical facilities, including a qualified physician and nurses, were available throughout every working day, while meals  provided were sold at a very affordable cost. 

Furthermore, the factory also gave the workers additional benefits such as surgical and disability insurance. Rest periods for employees and congenial working conditions were also given to produce a very efficient organization. 

Among the industrial buildings and factories that stood before New Toronto, Campbell was the last standing. However, on January 24, 2018, the company announced that it will be closing its Etobicoke plant. The news had brought sadness and heartbreak to the community, not only for the loss of more than 300 jobs, but also for its significance to the area.

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