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The Hospital;

Psychiatric History

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The Teachers' College

The Carrying Place; 

Trails of Toronto

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Life in Sam Smith Park

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Digital Exhibits


College Sources


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Humber Libraries Archive - Humber History Photographs - Lakeshore Campus - 1970s-1990s - Six Photos

New Toronto - Lakeshore Teachers' College, Lakeshore Boulevard and 23rd Street, Landscaping - 1962, (Archives of Ontario, RG 15-13-2 ) - Two Drawings

New Toronto - Lakeshore Teachers' College - 1958, (Archives of Ontario, RG 15-13-2 ) - Three Drawings

New Toronto - Lakeshore Teachers' College - 1959, (Archives of Ontario, RG 15-13-2 ) - One Drawing

Thaskala, Lakeshore Teachers' College Year Book, 1969. In the collection of the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre


Humber College Department of Capital Development & Facilities Management - 1959, Two Architectural Drawings


Hospital Sources

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Indigenous exhibit sources

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Movies Sources


Ecology Sources

"Without knowledge the world is bereft of culture, and so we must be educators and students both"

- Roberta Bondar

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