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The Hospital; Psychiatric History

This exhibit has three parts!

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This exhibit presents a brief overview of the complex history of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital from its opening as the Mimico Branch Asylum in 1890 to its closure in 1979. Emphasis is on three elements: the different names of the institution, the physical layout of the campus, and the different treatments adopted over time.


Despite the many changes to the property both before and after the closure, its red brick buildings still stand today. Designated a heritage property in 1988, the buildings of the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital are today home to Humber College, the Jean Tweed Centre, the Gatehouse, The Assembly Hall, a Tim Horton's, and the Ken Cox Community Centre.  

Disclaimer: This exhibit contains sensitive information about mental health care that may make some visitors uncomfortable.

A 1910 postcard showing a cricket game on the grounds of the Mimico Asylum. The cottage buildings in the background would have initially served the female patients. Today they are known as Humber College's J, I, and H buildings.
Image courtesy of the Toronto Public Library.

Curator's Statement:

The Hospital exhibit presented a plethora of information to be navigated. Narrowing the scope of the exhibit proved difficult, but became the three sections of The Treatments, The Names, and The Cottages, which focus on continuing elements of the Hospital’s 89 years of  operation. This exhibit is designed be used as a guide if you were to walk the site, but to also be readable to people not in the area. 

While this information is optimized for readability, I was adamant about accuracy. I also decided, in regards the The Treatments section to leave out some of the surgical details as I wanted it to be family friendly. I have however included further details in my sources for those wishing to learn more.

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