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Capitol Theatre

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Amidst the industrial factories that filled New Toronto during the 1930s, there laid the splendid amusement house that seated over 1000 visitors. Capitol Theatre opened in 1929, and was possibly the first theatre to open in New Toronto.

The performing centre was followed by Biltmore Theatre in 1947 and Palace Theatre in 1954, both theatres closed down in 1964 and 1975 accordingly. The Capitol theatre which existed earlier than the two closed later in 1975.

Several childhood narratives of local residents were shared, and it entails stories of how they used to love going in the theatre and how they get in for free by climbing through a window from the rooftop.

Some notable shows that took place in the theatre were David Lean’s “Ryan’s Daughter”, “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory” where seats were sold for 50 cents each, and “Arnold” in 1974.

Eventually, the site was converted into a high-rise apartment building for seniors or assisted living, with several stores on the street level.

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