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Danforth Wine

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The Danforth Wine’s head office situated at 19th Street and Lakeshore Rd was known for its modernized plant and the country’s most up-to-date wineries. Its employment is of real value to the Lakeshore community.

The plant had a capacity of a quarter of a million gallons with an annual consumption of 1,000,000 pounds of grapes, and one-third of a million pounds of sugar. In 1937, the plant had expanded and had installed the most modern equipment for chilling and pasteurizing wines. Apart from its modern equipment, it also had the most impressive modernized sanitary facilities.

The wines that came out of this building were shipped to the company's branch stores at Queen and Victoria Streets, 1076 Lakeshore Rd., New Toronto, and 1854 Danforth Ave., as well as numerous Liquor Control Board stores in Ontario.

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