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Donnell and Mudge Tanners

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Donnell and Mudge Tanners was a family owned factory operated by the Annable family who immigrated to Canada in about 1917. Charles H Annable, the head of this well-known firm, opened the business in 1918 and since then has grown to be the leading leather factory in the industry turning out millions of leather of all kinds annually.



The three-story building was equipped with the best machinery of its time. The factory was recognized as one of the largest sheepskin tanners in the region and had specialized in processing, embossing, and spray painting beautifully patterned leathers conforming with amazing exactness to the skins of all manner of animals.



During World War II, the factory employed German prisoners of war, including merchant sailors, and spent their time working at the factory while housed in the internment camp “M”.

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