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Interior Wood Decorating Company

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Between Islington Avenue and Eighth Street

The Interior Wood Decorating Company was one of the original industrial firms that was established in New Toronto as early as the 1890s. The two-storey building was made of solid bricks, and had an engine which connected a boiler house. The structure’s overall cost was $10,500. Thos. Bryce of Bryce Bros., W. H. Essery, Mr. Parsons and Joseph Barrett were the principal members of this firm with a capital stock of $25,000. 



The factory produced interior decorations of wood in elaborate styles for homes and was believed to have hired one to two hundred employees.



In 1894, this facility was taken by Ritchie and Ramsay. The business began to produce coated papers for printers, coated boxboard for carton purposes, coated bristols, and photo mount board mostly for printers. 



In 1928, the plant moved to Georgetown, as Alliance Paper Mills.

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