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What We Do in the Shadows (2019-present)
Created by Jermaine Clement
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What We Do in the Shadows is set in New York City, but uses Toronto as a stand-in for filming. G Cottage was used in Season 1 of the show as the meeting spot for the LARPing (live action role playing) group where college student Jenna (Beanie Feldstein) is first spotted by the vampires. Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry and Natasia Demetriou play said vampires, and had to be rigged to the roof of G Cottage in order to look through the second story window.
Fun Fact: G Cottage wasn’t the only place that was used for filming. A room in L Building also served as one of Jenna’s classrooms, shortly after she realizes that she is transforming into a vampire. In the scene, Jenna can be briefly seen running out into the courtyard, after exiting L Building.

Filming on the Lakeshore Grounds

Since vampires avoid the sun, much of the filming on the Grounds was at night.

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