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Simpson Motors 

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First Location: Fifteenth Street and Lake Shore Boulevard

Second Location: Twelfth to Thirteenth Street of Lake shore

Simpson Motors, a retail car business was originally owned and managed by H. E. Simpson. In his retirement in 1960, Jack Hogan and Gordon Clayton became the new owners of Simpson Motors.

The company had two locations in New Toronto, the first building was built in 1947 and was located at 15th Street and Lakeshore Boulevard. The second and more modernized building was built in around the 1960s and took up the entire block on Lakeshore Boulevard from 12th to 13th Street.

Simpson Motor was known for taking good care of its employees, throwing annual Christmas parties, golf tournaments, and employee dances. Over the years, the company had minimal staff turnover and most of its original employees chose to stay at the company and serve the public.  

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