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Moccasins Re-Vamped


Walking Forward Together

Guest Curated by: Sage Petahtegoose

January 31 to June 2, 2018

Moccasins Re-vamped exhibit
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"I think it is important to get people to learn from the people who make moccasins,

from the people who wear moccasins,

and from the people moccasins come from."

-Sage Petahtegoose, Guest Curator

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About the Exhibit

Moccasins Re-vamped: Walking Forward Together was created in partnership between the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre and the Aboriginal Resource Centre. The exhibit was framed through the words of Guest Curator, Sage Petahtegoose and combined contemporary examples of moccasins made by students and staff at Humber with images of historic moccasins from communities around the Great Lakes Region that had been provided by the Bata Shoe Museum.

Guest Exhibit Curator: Sage Petahtegoose

Interpretive Centre team:

Jennifer Bazar, Curator
Nadine Finlay, Assistant Curator

Emma Pagacz, Programming Intern

Thanks to our Partners:
Humber College Aboriginal Resource Centre

(now Humber Indigenous Education & Engagement)


With loans from:

Lorralene Whiteye
Bata Shoe Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum

360 view of Moccasins Re-vamped exhibit

Exhibit Launch

Interview with Sage Petahtegoose, Guest Curator

Before the exhibit launched on January 31, 2018, we held an interview with Sage Petahtegoose, the Guest Curator of Moccasins Re-Vamped. The following audio recordings present Sage's responses to our questions. Revisit the interview on YouTube, or click the buttons below to individual responses.

Sage, Exhibit Launch Remarks
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