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Soundscape Experiences

Step back in time and experience the Lakeshore Grounds of yesteryear through an immersive auditory experience. Each soundscape will transport you to a different time period and lead you along a distinct route around the grounds. As you listen, you will be immersed in the sounds and noises of a particular moment in time.  

Want to engage from a distance? Try the Watch-from-Home version which pairs the soundscape audio with contemporary and archival images unique to the route and theme.  


A Day at the Lakeshore Teachers' College: Welcome to the Lakeshore Teachers' College! In this experience you follow Marie, a fictional student attending the Lakeshore Teachers' College in 1969. Follow the sights and sounds that surround the College as you make your way to class.

Duration: 22 minutes

A Mystery at Humber College: On a break from his classes at Humber College in 1983, Benjamin heads to the shoreline of Lake Ontario for some peace and quiet. Follow along on his quest for answers as he soon finds himself on the trail of something exciting happening on the grounds...

Duration: 33 minutes

Two Perspectives on the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital: Anthony and Jean are two fictional patients at the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital in 1893. Explore the sprawling grounds of the hospital with them, and learn how the institution evolved throughout its history.
Duration: 33 minutes

Soundscape: Take it with You Experience

Option A: The Take-It-With-You Experience

Travel the designated route through the Lakeshore Grounds while you listen to your selected soundscape. You can either stream the audio file directly from this website or pre-download the file to play offline via your preferred media player. 

Below you will find an audio file, route map, and transcript for each soundscape. 

To Download the Audio File to your Device:

Android users: 

a. Click 'Download Single' and then 'Download MP3"

b. Click "Open File" or go to your downloads folder to find it as a zip file

c. Click the file - it should prompt you with an option to "Extract" the audio, click "Extract"

d. Open the file with your regular media player 

iOS users: 

a. Click 'Download Single' and then 'Download MP3"

b. Click "Open In" 

c. Select your chosen media player 

A Day at the Lakeshore Teachers' College 

A Mystery at Humber College

Two Perspectives on the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital

Soundscape: Watch from Home

Option B:  The Watch-From-Home Experience

Follow your selected soundscape remotely! We've paired contemporary route photos with archival images to bring to life each of the soundscapes so that you can travel the designated route through the Lakeshore Grounds from anywhere you choose! 

Captions available with all videos. For full transcript, click the PDF file beside the video viewer. 

A Day at the Lakeshore Teachers' College