Please enjoy these narrative soundscape experiences created by our Programming Coordinator, Maranda. These soundscapes lead participants on different routes through the Lakeshore Grounds - but instead of just listening to an audio history of the location, the soundscapes immerse participants in what the site would have sounded like at particular moments in time.  


The audio files feature a mix of narration about the history, ambient environmental sounds, and interpretive narration from the perspective of a fictitious person that likely would have been on the grounds during the selected time period.


For those unable to visit the site, there are video compliments that incorporate a mix of contemporary and historical images to simulate the experience remotely. If you choose to follow the path in person, simply download the audio file to your device, print out the map, and away you go! 

A Day at the Lakeshore Teachers' College

Welcome to the Lakeshore Teachers' College! In this experience you follow Marie, a fictional student attending the Lakeshore Teachers' College in 1969. Experience the sights and sounds that surround the College as you make your way to class. 

Audio: The take-it-with-you experience

Video:  The watch-from-home experience

Production Credits

Written and Produced by Maranda Tippins

Voice of Marie by Tiana Kralj

Voice of Narrator & Teacher by Maranda Tippins

Image Credits

The images in the video are from the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre’s Collection and Ron Pickford.

Sound Credits

This soundscape uses many sounds from Freesound, at times modified for use in this project. All sounds are under the Creative Commons 0 Licence. For a full list of the sounds used in the soundscape, see the description below the YouTube video.

Research Sources

City of Toronto (n.d). Fast Facts about the City’s Water Treatment Plants.
Lakeshore 1968, Lakeshore Teachers' College Year Book, 1968. In the collection of the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre
Ontario Ministry of Education (1994). For the Love of Learning: Volume I: Mandate, Context, Issues Chapter 2: Education and Society.
Thaskala, Lakeshore Teachers' College Year Book, 1969. In the collection of the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre
Various Documents from the Archives of Ontario

More soundscapes coming throughout the Summer of 2020

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